Who we are?

MAYOR STEEL is a private company with head offices in ZIERBENA, founded in 1997 and devoted to the DISTRIBUTION AND MARKETING OF THICK CARBON STEEL PLATE.

Why choose MAYOR STEEL?

We are a company founded in 1997 with head offices in Zierbena. We are dedicated to the distribution and marketing of thick steel plate in different qualities, measurements and formats. We have over 25 years experience in the steel sector and we represent the 3rd generation working with steel products.

We are located in the port of Bilbao, where most of the thick steel plate that is marketed in Spain is unloaded and distributed. It is one of the most important steel plate distribution centres in the European Union.

Our main markets for steel plate are Spain, France and Portugal, although we are also present in several countries in North Africa (mainly Morocco and Tunisia) and several countries in Central America.

Regarding the procurement/supply of thick steel plate, we are in contact with virtually all the European manufacturers and the main international manufacturers, which puts us in an unbeatable position with an up-to-date and realistic view of the market.

mayor steel
mayor steel